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Oct 10, 2012 3:00am EDT
? >> gavin -- >> and h is always listening. >> youay obama n u b cci h initedd. l,e know -- >> why is he being criticized? the guy walks on water. ob tdorizethe media. na ses sng me. the name is escaping me. >> he was criticized by the house and by the senate. >> what hement to say was he was over and over -- >>o mowme obhaen heavily criticized for the past four days. >> if he is so thoroughly crit sidessed where is -- wh d ebonkheres lya? emmesog g? ottid the press. i agree with that. but he has been criticized. >> he puts up with very little which is why he is so pouty. >> let's look at theext y,ragf ud. mi y m le job and you wanted mooy to check into the rights of students. there is a lot of information on-line. 1969 school district, and they said the studentdo not shed their constitutional rights at the school house b t oles'te s ym itoes seem to be a gray area. ev the aclu says -- it says on the page, do i have a right to privacy and school? anh it s, g t slnri t t answer yes and no is right. that's what the supreme court said. you have diminished rights. that wento whether or not
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1